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Waitress takes break to use a breast pump, gets nasty note from customer

A waitress found a crappy note instead of a tip when she cleaned up a customer’s table.

And what the note said was pretty rude and thoughtless.

“The tea is nasty & thank your manager for waiting on us,” it read, and while crappy tippers are unfortunately not all that uncommon, the note was upsetting for another reason.

As Kelsey Vetter writes on her Facebook post, she could have easily helped the customer with her tea problem (it’s an easy fix, all you have to do is ask), but the bit about the manager waiting on the table was particularly hard to swallow. She wrote, “I DID thank my manager for watching my section and as you said ‘waiting on you’ for the 20 minutes I had to step away to pump because I am a new mother of two 13 week old girls whom I breast feed.”

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She says by sharing the nastygram and her story, she hopes people realize that there may be other things going on and that a little kindness goes a long way.

Now, I have only held a server job once, and it was only for a couple of weeks. I know that it wasn’t tons of fun and people can be downright terrible to those in the service industry. So returning from a break to pump milk for your kids and finding a miserable note like this would certainly be upsetting.

She further writes, “There are laws that give breastfeeding women the right to break from their job to pump. Not everyone knows this but it is important. It’s important to understand that it’s the only way that some babies eat. So to the girl who left this I hope that in the future you might consider the big picture instead of just being rude and ignorant.”

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Using a breast pump is more work than just nursing a baby, and pumping for twins is an even greater effort. Moms who pump are determined and motivated to feed their babies the way they intended. Vetter is right; there are laws protecting moms who need to take breaks from work to pump.

While Vetter didn’t let her customer know exactly what she would be doing, there is no good that can come out of writing a jerk note (and not leaving a tip) because your waitress took a break. We’re all moving through life as human beings — it’s not hard to act like a decent one.

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