Mother raises money to bury murdered 3-year-old, takes donations

Jun 25, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. ET

The thought of a parent murdering their child is incomprehensible. Not only was this precious little girl taken too soon but robbed of a proper burial thanks to her mother.

One can only hope Camber Chavis is resting in peace, as she never got a fair shake at life. WAVY News reports the 3-year-old died at the hands of her own father, Alton Chavis, who now faces murder charges. A search warrant reveals he and his wife, Chanelle, took their daughter to a Virginia Beach hospital, where doctors soon identified several injuries — including a skull fracture.

Unfortunately Camber died in the hospital the day after being admitted. Police later arrested Alton on charges of second-degree murder. They told his wife he confessed to killing their daughter.

If that alone doesn't make you angry, wait until you hear this.

Looking for financial support to bury her daughter, Chanelle worked with an acquaintance to set up a fundraising page in her daughter's honor. Listed on GoFundMe, she was able to captivate the purse strings of good-hearted people who donated close to $10,000. One woman in particular personally wrote a check for $5,000.

With tons of money now available to lay her little one to rest, Chanelle did the unthinkable. She kept the money.

According to police, an investigator made the discovery almost one month after her daughter's death. What's beyond disgusting is that Camber's body was still at the funeral home. Thankfully a Good Samaritan has stepped forward and offered to pay for arrangements. The police are looking to return the GoFundMe donations.

Chanelle Chavis was smacked with a fraud charge, as she collected the money under false pretenses. Chavis allegedly informed people her daughter died tragically and never thought — or wanted — to mention it was at the hands of her husband.

Both Chanelle and Alton have court dates later this summer.

As a parent, let alone a decent human being, I can't even begin to imagine what these people were thinking. No matter how frustrating parenting can be, there is absolutely zero excuse to harm your child. This poor little girl must have suffered so badly to receive those injuries — and from her father, no less. What kind of mother raises money in her daughter's honor and never uses it? The sickening part of this story (aside from the murder) is that the 3-year-old was left at the funeral home for a month!

I truly (truly) hope justice will be served and both these "parents" serve long sentences in jail.

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