Jessa Duggar gives a huge hint at the gender of her baby (PHOTO)

Jessa Duggar just gave a huge hint on the gender of her first baby in this new photo she posted on her Instagram page. Will the newest member of the 19 Kids and Counting family be a baby boy or girl?

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, are expecting their first child on Nov. 1 (the same day as their one-year anniversary), and it looks like the couple just revealed the gender of the baby in this new photo she posted.

In the snapshot, the 19 Kids and Counting reality star is wearing a shirt that says “Touchdown” and includes two handprints on her baby bump. Does this mean Jessa is expecting a baby boy? It appears that little Israel, Jill Duggar’s son, will soon have a boy cousin to play with this fall!

“Happy 1st Father’s Day to my man, @ben_seewald! You’re already such a sweet daddy, caring for your preborn baby!” she captioned the photo.

Jessa is around 20 weeks pregnant and recently posted a video of her ultrasound but didn’t mention the gender of the baby.

“#BabySeewald is growing fast! Already practicing swallowing, sucking a thumb, and actively moving arms and legs!” she captioned the ultrasound video. “So excited at the feeling of these first baby kicks!”

This 20-week ultrasound is when many couples find out the gender of their baby, and Ben actually wrote in the couple’s blog that they know what they are having. “We recently had an ultrasound, but aren’t revealing our firstborn’s gender yet,” he wrote.

Although they haven’t came out and it said, it appears their first baby just might be a baby boy.

Jessa showed off a side view of her baby bump in this snapshot.

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One other interesting note about the new photo she posted is that she implies that Ben keeps a close eye on her nutrition and exercise throughout her pregnancy.

“You’re my #1 cheerleader when it comes to making good food choices, but you also understand when the baby ‘needs’ a late-night bowl of cookies & cream ice cream!” she wrote.

“Thanks for all the back rubs, breakfast in bed, and for encouraging me to stick with those pregnancy workouts!”

Tell us: Do you think this new photo means she is having a baby boy?

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