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This dad doesn’t realize how supportive he is until he posts this photo

When a dad posted a cute photo of himself washing out his wife’s breast pump parts, he had no idea how adorable he really was.

But George Moss, an amazingly talented Christian hip hop artist from Grand Rapids did, by showing a photo of a task he does on the regular, found out he’s pretty awesome. He wrote on the caption, “If you ever wonder what #rappers do when they get off stage, they clean breast pumps for their wives so their baby can eat. #thuglife,” and as of this writing, the photo has nearly 30,000 “likes” and has been shared thousands of times.

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What is it about this photo that resonates with us? Is it the fact that this act was so simple and routine that the outpouring of support has caught him off guard? Is it the fact that pumping isn’t always fun or easy, and having a dude that will help his wife out with her pump parts really pulls at our heartstrings?

Moss took the time to answer questions and write a little more about his role in his wife’s and child’s life. “I had no idea this many people were so passionate about breast pumping lol,” he shares. “Just doing my job and cracking a lil joke about it.”

And when a mom writes, “You are awesome and an amazing husband. I wish my husband would clean my pumps, luckily I just usually nurse and only pump 2-3 times a day,” he writes back, “You are the real hero for actually pumping. I’m getting too much credit for cleaning a couple bottles and suction thingies.”

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Breastfeeding is not always a super-easy road to take, and using a breast pump is a whole other story. While I didn’t pump a ton, I did use one on occasion, and I didn’t find that it was all that much fun. I have always very much admired moms who pumped on a regular basis, because that takes a lot of careful consideration and effort to not only pump but to store the milk properly for their babies.

Moss updated later in the day with a photo of his wife and child, and an amazing shout out to her for all the hard work she does. “If anyone should get the credit it should be people like my wife!” he writes.

Having vital support in the home is so important to a mom and her breastfeeding success as well, and I just love George Moss and his photo, as well as how unaware he was that he was such a cool cat. Support from a partner means more than some might realize. George Moss, you’re doing it right.

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