Kids on birthday party scavenger hunt find eyeball outside restaurant

Jun 24, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Getty Images/Royalty Free

How does that saying go? It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. This old adage could not ring more true than for a group of Oregon kids on a birthday party scavenger hunt. There they were, having a blast and scavenging with friends, when the children stumbled upon a real eyeball in front of a restaurant.


The scavenger-hunting kids found the eye in a transparent medicine bottle in a parking lot by Red Robin near the Gresham Station shopping center in Gresham, Oregon, last week. Police confirmed that it did indeed look like a real eyeball, but they did not know if it was human or animal yet.

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And this is where the creep-factor cranks up a notch. The medication bottle containing the eyeball was found on the ground in a crime scene of sorts. The eyeball-in-the-bottle was next to a lighter, shower gel and a pair of shattered glasses.

I'm sorry, since my only detective experience comes from watching reruns of Law & Order, but an eyeball in a bottle found next to a pair of shattered glasses on the ground kind of spells it out for you. This was probably a human eyeball since animals don't normally wear glasses — that I know of, anyway.

Red Robin employee Brittany Hancock was there when the group of kids made this frightening discovery. The kids told Red Robin workers about what they found, who then called the police.

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Hancock accurately described the scene as "so bizarre." She told Fox 12 Oregon, "It just broke my heart. Because either way, if it was an animal or a person, it's just hard to think of how to feel."

Police have taken the eye to the medical examiner to find out if it came from man or beast. So far, there is very little information on what turned out to be the worst birthday party scavenger hunt of all time. Police have not received any reports of a missing eyeball and do not know who it belongs to.

I can't decide if this is an awesome story that these kids are going to tell for the rest of their lives or if finding a potentially human eyeball on the ground will scar them forever. We can find some semblance of comfort in the fact that at least these kids did the right thing — turning the missing eyeball into Red Robin instead of passing it around for the next few weeks.

Could this be the end of the birthday party scavenger hunt now that kids are finding human remains? I doubt it. Scavenger hunts are an exciting rite of passage once kids are old enough to traipse through the neighborhood and treasure hunt for a few random items. But, parents, let this story serve as the chilling cautionary tale that it is and just pray that your kid doesn't come home with a bonus body part that wasn't on the list.