Ryan Reynolds and babywearing: You're doing it wrong

Jun 23, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. ET
Image: Instagram/blakelively

Blake Lively posted a gorgeous photo of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, wearing their baby on Father's Day. Babywearing is good, but you have to do it right, which Mr. Reynolds definitely is not.


I love — I mean really love — the fact that this family is embracing babywearing. I adore that Lively and Reynolds chose a quality soft structured carrier (SSC) like this Lillebaby carrier, which provides excellent support for babies while being easy on Mom or Dad's back.

However, you might notice that Reynolds has neglected one vital instruction when he strapped his baby onto his chest. Do you see the feet of the baby sticking out the bottom? That's a no-no.

The waist strap of a baby carrier such as this is designed to be worn snugly against an adult's body. It not only provides essential support for the parent and helps distribute the baby's weight evenly, but it prevents the baby from, you know, sliding out through the bottom of the carrier onto the ground

Reynolds, however, has positioned his baby girl so her legs extend down through the bottom of the belt, which is obviously not cinched anywhere near tight enough to be safe. In addition to the very real danger of the baby plummeting out the bottom of the carrier, the baby's legs and hips are not in the ideal position, which can be uncomfortable and sort of defeats one of the purposes of having a high-quality baby carrier — proper hip support.

It didn't take long for the comments to stream in on her post — and stream in they did.

Some comments were helpful and kind: "Hey, I love the picture," writes one Instagram user. "I hope Ryan had a wonderful first Father's Day. I also wanted you to know that the carrier you are using is being used incorrectly. I love that y'all carry your baby. Please look up how to use it properly. It is dangerous to carry baby James this way, also it can cause hip problems."

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Some comments were not so kind, and still others felt that Reynolds is wearing the baby just fine and can't everyone back off a little?

However, he definitely isn't wearing the baby fine. Here are a few excellent examples of how to properly wear a baby in a Lillebaby baby carrier:


However, all is not lost, Ryan Reynolds. Just make sure that waist belt is snug first of all. Then watch these videos and, depending on your baby's age, strap her in properly with her legs in the ideal position.

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For younger babies, you'll want to do the "fetal position" carry:


And for older babies, you'll want to try the "infant seat facing in" carry:


I'm glad that celebrities can and do wish to wear their little ones, and with a little guidance, they can do it right.