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We wrote this parody to celebrate how fun and wonderful dads are (WATCH)

Amazing fathers everywhere, we salute you! We here at Laughing Moms would not be Laughing Moms if it were not for the amazing dads in our lives! I was once asked to describe in one word why I married my husband. The word I chose was “laughter.” Having a partner in life that can help you laugh through any obstacle is such a wonderful thing. We Laughing Moms both got lucky in that department, as our husbands make everything funnier! We wrote this parody to celebrate just how fun and wonderful dads are.

Great dads come in all shapes, sizes and personality types. No matter their profession, when their kids are around, they become built-in playgrounds for kids; they are doctors who mend owies and boo-boos; they are comedians; they are circus performers; they are dancers; they are stylists; they are appreciative customers of hairdos styled by their kids; they are cheerleaders; and, of course, they are superheroes.

Share this video with the superhero dads in your life. And to all you amazing fathers, thank you. We truly do salute you. Happy Father’s Day!

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