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Lifeguard quickly spots drowning child in crowded pool (VIDEO)

As alert as you might think you are, there’s always something that will go unnoticed. Hopefully this video will inspire more parents to stay attentive. You never know whose life will depend on it.

How observant would you say you are? Do you consider yourself a person who catches the small details or eventually sees the big picture?

A video of a lifeguard rescuing a small child in a crowded wave pool has gone viral. Posted on the YouTube channel Lifeguard Rescue, a young boy is seen floating in an inner tube near the center of the pool when he flips over. Surrounded by other parents and children, no one appears to notice the child waving his arms in panic. You can even see an adult in an inner tube nearby who fails to act.

A lifeguard instantly notices the young boy and jumps into action. She lifts up the child before escorting him to the nearest pool ladder. Many onlookers were shocked when they realized someone was drowning. At one point during the video, you can hear a man say “that was real” in disbelief.

Did you notice him?

As hard as I tried, I could not find this little boy in such a crowded swimming pool. Between the waves and an endless number of children, I doubt many would have such an eagle eye. The thought of someone drowning in front of you is very scary considering it takes only an instant for an accident to turn tragic.

Medical experts note summer as the time of year with the most child-related injuries, FOX 13 News reports. The CDC reveals that two children aged 14 or younger die every day from drowning. Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rate, with most accidents occurring in home swimming pools.

I can recall summer days spent in a wave pool at Six Flags. It was both scary and exhilarating to brush against crashing waves as you tried to swim. My father was always by my side in the event I became tired or found myself in trouble. Who knows whether this child had a parent or guardian nearby? No matter how much fun wave pools are, they might not be the best option if you aren’t a strong swimmer — or don’t know the basics.

Hopefully this video will stir up the importance of swimming safety, as not all lifeguards will have a swift reaction time. KidsHealth recommends constant supervision to help keep your child safe. Little ones 5 years old and younger should always wear approved flotation devices (e.g., life vest), as water wings are not very effective. Swimming lessons are also praised for both children and adults.

How will you keep your child safe in the water?

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