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Baby names from Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1. Will one of the sizzling strippers inspire your next baby name?

The strippers

In typical stripper fashion, these studs are known merely by their first names. No surnames needed!

  • Magic Mike, a diminutive of Michael
  • Ken, a diminutive of Kenneth
  • Big Dick Richie, a diminutive of Richard
  • Tarzan, not a traditional choice, that’s for sure
  • Tito, a Spanish name that means “Giant”
  • Tobias, a Hebrew name that means “God is good”
Image: Giphy

The actors who play them

Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer did not return for the XXL sequel, but fortunately these hotties did… and all but one (the main man) bear very traditional monikers.

  • Channing Tatum, Channing for a boy; Tatum for a girl
  • Matt Bomer, a diminutive of Matthew
  • Joe Manganiello, a diminutive of Joseph
  • Kevin Nash, Kevin is a classic name, while Nash is more contemporary
  • Adam Rodríguez, a Hebrew name that means “Red”
  • Gabriel Iglesias, Gabriel or Gabe or him; Gabriella for her

Image: Giphy

Other XXL cast members

OK, the movie plot isn’t all that complicated, but that didn’t prevent some of our favorite celebrities from signing on. Some of them portray named characters; others simply appear as themselves.

Image credit: Giphy

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