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Ricki Lake interviews actress Stacy Keibler about her home birth (VIDEO)

In 2007, actress Ricki Lake and her producing partner Abby Epstein released their celebrated documentary, The Business of Being Born. Now, eight years later, the film — which explores the modern maternity care system — is being offered worldwide as video-on-demand on their relaunched website.

In addition to the relaunched website, Ricki interviewed fellow actress Stacy Keibler on her own home birth. The pair talked about birth, birth education and Stacy’s connection to The Business of Being Born. Watch the premiere of their interview, exclusively shared with

SheKnows was also able to chat with Stacy Keibler to find out more about the birth of her daughter, which took place at home, and the joy she finds in talking about it.

“My passion revolves around health and wellness so it was a natural progression for me to learn everything there is to know about birthing my own child,” shares Keibler. “After much research, it was clear that a home birth without medication was the way I wanted to go. Of course you will hear that there are risks with this choice, but there are risks with everything that’s inside and outside of the ‘norm’. […] I was grateful to be able to experience my birth this way, so I could share it with others. I was able to create an environment in the comfort of my own home that was calming, loving and beautiful. It was private and uninterrupted, all of which resulted in an ambiance that made for an incredible bonding experience for all three of us. It was by far the best decision I could have made.”
When asked about the judgment that gets wrapped up in birth and the choices that go along with it, Keibler told SheKnows that, “… knowledge is key to helping anyone decide what to do, so educating yourself will help to guide you in the direction that feels right. It’s tough to make a choice for so many reasons but ultimately, moms to be — you need to listen to your own heart and do what you think is best for you and your baby.”
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In addition to the relaunch of The Business of Being Born‘s website, producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein have been busy. The two have partnered up repeatedly for such documentaries like Breastmilk, Weed The People, the upcoming documentary The Mama Sherpas — which tells the stories of midwives working across America, and are currently crowd-funding their latest endeavor, a documentary based on the controversial book on hormonal contraception, Sweetening The Pill.

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