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9-Year-old saves friend from abduction attempt

The thought of someone trying to take away your pride and joy would make any parent cringe. As much as we try our hardest to protect our children, it’s important to teach them lifesaving safety tips.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything — this story is uncomfortable to read or imagine happening to your own child. Just the thought of someone trying to harm something so precious is absolutely heartbreaking and enraging.

What started off as an ordinary day almost turned tragic when a man tried to abduct a child. FOX 4KC reports 9-year-old Luke Larson and his 7-year-old friend were on their way to summer school. Instead of taking their main route, they decided to try a shortcut through a park, where an attacker grabbed Larson’s friend.

“I started running down toward them, he tried to grab her again, then he realized I was coming down, and he ran back into the woods,” said Luke.

Hearing the screams of his schoolmate, quick thinking made Larson’s attempt successful, as he was able to scare away the assailant. Gladstone police praise him for his efforts and urge parents to have a serious talk with their children about safety precautions. “We tell kids if you were approached by a stranger or grabbed to scream, yell, get attention, and that’s exactly what they both did,” said Captain Jeff Self.

Between watching the news and episodes of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, my children will be lucky to not get carpooled everywhere. There’s too much craziness happening these days that makes it almost impossible to not be a little paranoid. As much as I want to be their personal bodyguard, I know I can’t and have to teach my kids the importance of being alert.

Growing up as a cop’s daughter was extremely annoying at times. Outside of the “clean my gun” speech my dad would try to give to boy crushes in high school, there was protocol for everything. God forbid we came under an alien or zombie attack — I knew I would be well prepared to handle the situation. Now that I’m a mother, I can’t help but think about the life lessons my dad taught me that I will pass along to my kids.

Shortcuts of any kind will heavily be discouraged. Outside from making it hard for parents to retrace steps if necessary, you just never know who is lurking around the corner — especially in an area with potentially fewer people. Traveling with a friend or two is also crucial, as there is strength in numbers. Parents should also check in with their children via text or phone call to make sure they safely reached their destination.

I know kids don’t like rules, but many help to keep them safe. Luckily for this 7-year-old girl, she had a friend nearby — though that doesn’t always help a situation. At the end of the day, we can only do our best and pray it’s enough.

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