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Flower girl upstages bride in the cutest photo

Wedding etiquette dictates you don’t wear white or do anything else to take the shine away from the bride. While most will oblige these unspoken requests, there’s always someone ready to break the rules.

Every wedding, good or bad, always has memorable moments. There are sob-worthy speeches, entertaining dance-offs and that one intoxicated person you wish would take a cab home. Aside from celebrating the nuptials of two people in love, you almost look forward to seeing something outside of the ordinary.

Tennessee couple Michelle Hall and Anthony Palmer had a beautiful ceremony set along an amazing backdrop. When it came time for photos, the newlyweds never expected to get competition in the affection department.

“She was calling herself the bride the whole day,” said wedding photographer Leah Bullard.

WBIR News reports the bride’s daughter, Anderson, wanted to be more than just a flower girl. In classic mother-daughter fashion, the 4-year-old had dreams of a special day of her own, where she could be a bride. During the wedding party photo shoot, Bullard noticed Anderson’s vibrant personality that couldn’t be denied.

When she asked the bride and groom to kiss, she expected to capture Michelle and Anthony’s embrace, not Anderson and the ring bearer. Then it clicked: Anderson thought she was the bride and tried to follow the photographer’s direction. “When momma kissed, Ikey [the ring bearer] and I kissed,” exclaimed Anderson. “I was trying to get Ikey to kiss me.”

Seeing an opportunity to capture the perfect picture, Leah made her request again — this time focusing on the flower girl. “I said… ‘OK, let’s try that again, one more time, bride and groom kiss…’ and she really went for it that time, and it was hilarious!” laughs Bullard. As you can see from the photo, Anderson had no problem wrapping the ring bearer in her arm and planting a big smacker on him.

Needless to say the photo went viral, as it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with something so innocent. My husband and I didn’t have any children at our wedding to capture such a fun moment. Now I wish we had so we could have a few candids for our photo book.

This makes me think about growing up as a little girl and my ideals about getting married. It’s crazy to think I was trying to marry off my Brenda and Dylan dolls (I didn’t do Barbie and Ken), but it happened. At least Anderson will have practice for her special day that will hopefully take away any first-kiss jitters (kidding).

How would you react if your child did something like this?

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