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Girls’ Frozen softball team photo goes viral

Children just can’t get enough of the film Frozen. One Oklahoma City mom perfectly captures the spunk and playfulness of an up-and-coming girls’ softball team with a Disney twist.

Can you “Let It Go” and play ball?

Betsy Gregory might look like your typical mom, but in many ways she has inspired a movement of empowerment thanks to a supercute photo. Her snap of the Freeze, an Oklahoma City-area softball team, features young girls under 6 years old modeling cleats, bats and, of course, Elsa outfits from the movie Frozen.

“Little girls that are in beautiful sparkly dresses are OK to look a little tough and look a little mean,” Gregory tells News OK. “It’s OK to be strong and empowered.”

Betsy wanted her 5-year-old daughter to try new hobbies and sports like she had done growing up. Recalling her days of playing soccer and encouraging words from her parents, the idea of creating a little girls’ sports team began to surface. “You can do anything that you set your mind to,” notes Gregory. “As a mom, that’s what we want our girls to feel the power to do, to step up and try anything.” After discussing her idea with moms in her daughter’s dance class, a new Edmond team emerged.

Now they had to get their girls interested in playing.

Looking to the animated movie Frozen for inspiration, they based their new team’s name, the Freeze, and outfits around the character Elsa. Wearing turquoise and white, they were ready to play ball for the fun of it. “We came in dead last but had lots of fun,” recalls Betsy. She admits the team didn’t focus as much on strategy as they did on trying something new.

To commemorate the season, Gregory took a photo (she has a photography company) of the young softball team in Elsa outfits from the movie that has since gone viral. Even with humor, there is a message of empowerment and doing things on your own terms. “You’re a little girl, and you can do anything,” says Betsy. “Don’t let people get in your way. Wear an Elsa dress, and play softball.”

This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Women and the idea of female strength are so diverse that you can’t box us into one category. Not every girl who plays a sport is a tomboy, loves rolling around in the mud and tries to be one of the boys.

Strong is the new pretty, and she has no limitations.

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