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2 Heroic boys pull children from a burning mobile home

Many of us hope we raise our children to be good people and to help others in need. What these two friends did was not only dangerous but extremely commendable.

Isiah Francis and Jeremiah Grimes are being praised as heroes for their valiant effort to lend a helping hand. The 10- and 11-year-old pals were playing inside when they noticed smoke and flames coming from a nearby home. “We looked out the window and saw flames coming out of the house,” Francis tells WESH 2 News. “I’m just thinking, ‘Stay calm, keep your mind straight, stay focused on what you’re doing.'”

After calling 911, Francis rushed over to the burning mobile home, where he found two children. “I was in the place first, trying to get those little kids out to save their lives,” he recalls. “I was nervous because there was so much smoke.”

His friend Jeremiah quickly ran to his aid, where the two rescued a baby and a toddler. Once they were able to find their way outside the mobile home, the duo returned to Francis’ house, where they waited for help.

ABC News reports the father of the children was present during the time of the fire. “I had to go in there with the fire to grab the kids while the dad kept running in there with water trying to put [the fire] out,” said Francis. When Francis and Grimes asked if there were any more kids in the house, the father said no. They had no idea there were actually two others in the home. Those children were later flown to a hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

Firefighters — along with the general community — applaud Isiah’s and Jeremiah’s efforts. “We always try to teach our kids to dial 911,” said a fire official. “He [Isiah] definitely went above and beyond in risking his life to go in and save those kids.”

“I saved two people’s lives,” adds Grimes. “Like, probably if no one did that, them two would probably be dead or seriously injured. As long as everyone is OK, I’m happy.”

I can’t imagine rushing into a burning home at 30 years old let alone age 10. The parents of these children must be extremely proud and also very thankful nothing bad happened to them. Can you imagine seeing your little one running into a fire? Who on Earth knows why the father wouldn’t rescue the four children in the house before trying to put out the fire — or at the very least help out these young boys. Thank God there are still Good Samaritans out there who are willing to act at the drop of a hat.

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