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Father risks his life to rescue son from a carjacking

A routine fill-up at the gas station quickly turns into a quest to rescue a child.

What safety precautions do you take when it comes to your daily activities? Are you mindful of your surroundings, or do you fall into routine? One dad had to make a fast decision that helped save his son’s life.

Malcolm Milliones and his fianceé, Kristie Lovelace, took their cars to a gas station. With Malcolm’s 8-year-old son riding in the back seat of Kristie’s SUV, it was just another day — until the unthinkable occurred. Standing between their two cars while his fianceé went to pay for gas, Malcolm saw a person jump into Kristie’s vehicle and take off.

His son was still inside the car.

In a courageous move, Malcolm jumped onto the side of the SUV in efforts to free his son. “Malcolm was kind of hanging onto the driver’s side of the car,” Kristie tells WXIA-TV Atlanta. Luckily Milliones was able to get the carjacker’s attention so his son could jump out before the car reached top speed. Suffering a broken arm, Malcolm and his son were both safe.

As crazy as this sounds, it might be a good idea for criminals to start looking in the back seats of cars they plan to steal. It’s bad enough that some people forget their children in the car — now we need to worry about folks running off with our babies.

Thank goodness this father was nearby to make such a daring attempt to rescue his child. We’ve heard about the dangers of “car surfing” — or riding on the outside of a moving vehicle — that makes this heroic act all the more dangerous. Most of us wouldn’t think twice about launching ourselves onto a car to save our child. The father was fortunate he didn’t lose his life in the process.

Unfortunately I’ve read far too many stories of carjackers stealing a car with a child inside. Some have a happy ending, while others end in tragedy. This makes it all the more crucial to take the necessary precautions. No matter how quick we think we are, anything can happen in an instant. Perhaps Malcolm’s fianceé would’ve thought twice about leaving an unattended car unlocked if he wasn’t there.

One can only hope.

There have been times when I needed to make a fast dash somewhere and didn’t feel like taking my 16-month-old out of his car seat. No matter how much I want to leave him in the car, I would rather “inconvenience” myself than open the door for something bad to occur.

The boldness of this carjacker to steal a vehicle while someone else is around goes to show how crazy people are today.

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