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The emotional evolution of moms in July

From the highs of the Fourth of July to the lows of the heat, a mom is bound to have an emotional response to July.

1. “We’re totally hitting our stride.”


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“June is down and we are totally getting the hang of this summer schedule thing. I’m great at this. It’s probably all the hours I spend on Pinterest.”

2. “Yeehaw, ‘merica!”


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“Summer is so freaking awesome. Thanks, Uncle Sam.”

3. “The library is closed for a remodel. That’s unexpected.”


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“Who the hell signed off on this decision? Library time accounts for at least 65 percent of our summer activities!”

4. “Oh my god, it’s so hot.”


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“I think my hair is sweating. And for the love, these kids smell like a barn.”

5. “I didn’t know that craft time could cause nightmares.”


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“Yep, bead necklaces are fun in June. Verboten by July.”

6. “Vacation is coming, yay!”


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“Goodbye, sweltering home. Goodbye, responsibilities.”

7. “Holy balls, I have to pack an entire family for vacation.”


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“Except for this responsibility. Packing. Why does motherhood feel like I’m turning into a pack animal?”

8. “Vacation feels like home, only without conveniences…”


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“So this was fun, really. But I’m ready to get back to a life where I can call a babysitter and/or know where the damn grocery store is located.

9. “These kids are so adorable, my gosh.”


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“I’ll remember those sweet faces and their laughter forever, though.”

10. “I’m done trying. Sprinklers, anyone?”


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“Party’s done. This should keep them busy.”

11. “Wait, is summer almost over?”


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“Hang on, there’s no way that the kids are going back to school in just a few weeks. How did this happen?”

12. “This summer was really fun.”


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“I’ll cherish these memories forever.”

13. “Also, not. It was not totally fun.”


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“Probably not all of them, though.”

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