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5 Ways to tell your dad you love him that don’t involve Instagram

Admit it: You’re probably guilty of using technology to communicate when you know there’s a much better route. Social media is a super convenient way to avoid (often awkward or inconvenient) emotional interactions. However, this Father’s Day, don’t let the temptation of a quick, easy post or text lure you in. Although your followers get an idea for how much you care about your old man, you’re forgetting about the person who needs to know the most. Instead of the cliché pic and caption, give the man what he deserves: some actual heartfelt emotion.

Make Father’s Day dinner

woman making dinner with her father

Image: Jose Luis Peleaz/Getty Images

Nothing says love quite like grand gestures, so this Father’s Day, really try to do something different. If the family typically goes out to dinner, instead suggest to host it yourself and provide the food. Even if cooking isn’t your strong suit, your pops will appreciate the effort, and you will undoubtedly be the favorite child for the day.

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Have a face-to-face chat from afar

woman video chatting on a tablet

Image: Sash Alexander/Getty Images

If you and your father have a long-distance relationship, you might find it easier to justify a convenient, well-worded text or email as your best option, but don’t take the easy route this year. Skype or FaceTime the old man this time around, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve seen each other. The mere appearance of your face on his screen will be enough to brew up those sentimental father-daughter emotions, and you will hang up feeling more connected than ever before. Also, seeing your dad after a long time might be a nice reminder that you’re due for a real visit.

Make an old-fashioned card

girl and her father looking over a photo album

Image: Westend61/Getty Images

If you prefer to show your love in a less conventional way, consider a gesture reminiscent of your card-making-with-crayons days. Sift through some old pictures, and create a collage of your favorites of you and your dad. Although it might feel childish, it is much more meaningful than a store-bought card, and it gives you plenty of material to reminisce about over a Father’s Day meal. Bonus points for adding funny captions to the pics!

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Gift him with your precious time

father and daughter happily hiking

Image: Hero Images/ Getty Images

Another way to show you care is by gifting your pops with something he really wants — your time. If you’re tired of buying socks, ties and golf shirts, instead consider giving him a gift card for something you can do together, like golf lessons or a fun cooking class. If your budget is tight, make plans to hike together or check out a local attraction. The best gift a father can get is time spent together, especially if a busy career or family life typically overrides your schedule.

Actually share what you’ve “shared”

father and daughter look at smartphone together

Image: Sam Edwards/Getty Images

If you just can’t help yourself from posting a Facebook or Instagram tribute to your dad on his special day, at least show it to him! Most dads probably are not among your friends and followers, let alone even on social media, so share with him whatever pic you posted, along with the sappy caption underneath. He will be touched by the sweet message but most likely more so by the fact that you are broadcasting your love for him to all your friends. If proclaiming your love face-to-face makes you uncomfy, this is an easy way to get your message across, and you can let him read it aloud so you don’t have to!

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