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Mom posts photo of her daughter’s new crop top, proving it fits the cat

A mom proves that her teen daughter’s new crop top is too small — in fact, she says it’s not even suitable for the family cat.

After the 16-year-old girl purchased a crop top from Amazon, her mom realized that it would actually fit their cat, and after actually trying it on the poor beast and snapping a photo, she left an amazing, one-star review:

Crop top fits the family cat

Image: Amazon

This review has been well-received by everyone, with many proclaiming that she’s a great mom and that hey, even though it isn’t suitable for the cat, the color is great on her.

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This item is a really terrific example of the dangers of buying clothing online, no matter what your age. Many inexpensive brands are popping up with product photos that don’t quite show how the piece looks on most people, and often we’re finding that the size charts they provide are just a little off. And in some cases, they’re way, way off. And if an item is listed as “one size fits all,” you will likely find that it definitely does not fit all… not even close.

Perusing the rest of the reviews, there are similar complaints — other women note that the top is nearly the size of a flip flop, it might fit a baby and probably the most distressing part, the holes of the weaved material are way too big so everyone can see your nipples.

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It may work as a “cover up” over a swim top but really, what’s the point? And I have to say the kitty doesn’t look super pleased to be modeling this atrocity the company has the gall to call a “crop top.” She’s probably super embarrassed that her owner decided to clothe her in something so stupid.

It’s always a good idea to monitor the clothing your kids buy on their own, especially if it seems like a super good deal, because it’s often something is of poor quality, fits cats or falls apart in the washing machine. Kudos to this mom for sharing this revealing photo that shows the true size of that is being sold as a “crop top.”

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