Radio host makes gross breastfeeding statement, but admits he was wrong

Jun 8, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. ET
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A morning radio show host at a Colorado station raised the ire of just about everyone when he compared breastfeeding to incest, but then he admitted that it was a disgusting statement and that he was a jerk for saying so in the first place.

It's one thing to be a butthole, especially when you're one of the hosts on a morning radio show, but when you say something completely stupid like boobs are great as long as they're not breastfeeding, expect to face the consequences, particularly through social media.

The consequences in this instance were swift, as people unloaded on their Facebook page and a nurse-in was scheduled. Once the backlash began, Derreck Rusch (who goes by the name D-Rock) must have realized what an idiot he had been and quickly backtracked, claiming that he had "seen the light." When questioned further, he admitted that he had been influenced by an oft-debunked news story about an elderly woman breastfeeding her middle-aged son at a KFC. Which is super fake and completely unbelievable — unless you believe everything you read on the internet.

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In any event, he apologized and the station welcomed the 80+ people who attended the nurse-in last Friday morning. The gathering was peaceful and enlightening, as nearly every single nurse-in typically is.


Opinions on breastfeeding continue to be divided, with some people still clinging to a strange notion that children should be breastfed in private, under covers or at home, while the rest of us understand that nursing a baby is nothing more than feeding a kid.

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Fortunately, D-Rock and the radio station that employs him have used this incident as a learning moment, and will hopefully resist the urge to shame breastfeeding moms in their future shows. Radio show hosts often opt to say the most ridiculous bullcrap to make a name for themselves, but he's now learned that some topics should just be off-limits, like moms who nurse their kids.