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Mom nearly killed at Fenway Park by broken bat

It was Friday night, and Tonya Carpenter, along with her boyfriend, Sam, was starting off the weekend by taking her 8-year-old son, Aidan, to a baseball game at Fenway Park.

“Look at me being a great mom,” I would have said to myself. “Taking my son for a nice baseball game on Friday night. I’ve got this. The next time that pretzel guy comes around, I’m gonna treat myself.”

But what should have been a nice night of mama-son bonding quickly turned into a total nightmare.

In the second inning, a bat broke, hitting Carpenter in the forehead, causing what police said were life-threatening injuries.

“The bat snapped in half near the end of the bat,” eyewitness Alex Merlis told The Boston Globe. “It hit on the forehead to the top of the head… It was a blunt trauma, and it was a lot of blood.”

The Associated Press reports that fortunately Tonya will survive.

“We’re all praying for her,” Carpenter’s ex-brother-in-law said. “She’s stable. All we can do is pray for her. And hope that [her son] Aidan isn’t too traumatized from all this.”

Poor Aidan. One minute he’s sitting there on a June Friday night in Boston at the magnificent Fenway Park, and the next he’s tending to his mother, who’s bleeding and being wheeled out of the game on a stretcher. That must have been awful.

It makes me wonder as a mom of a 4-year-old girl who takes her all sorts of places, what would I do in Tonya’s situation? I’m sure bystanders and officials would help out with a child in that situation, but how terribly upsetting for a kid to watch their parent incapacitated.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Tonya and Aidan if you’d like to lend your support.

“Anyone who knows Tonya, knows she’s a fighter, and in time she will return,” Mark Carpenter wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Stronger and more full of life than ever. I’m asking you to donate to this fund, to help Tonya during the long Journey back, and I believe this help, will allow her to worry about her recover, and not about work, or how she’ll be able to take care of her precious Aidan, and she’d tell you, that’s Aidan with an a not an e, just one of her things…”

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