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15 Quiet toddler activities so you can get more done

Sometimes, a mama just needs a minute.

We know you love your little one, but it’s hard to be productive when you have a toddler clinging to your leg and demanding attention. Many of these ideas will still require supervision, particularly for younger toddler, but at least these activities will keep them busy without the noise — you’re welcome.

1. Rip and tear

Rip and tear

If you have a toddler, you know they love to destroy, well… everything. Give him a stack of construction paper and a bucket to control the mess, then tell him to rip and tear to his little heart’s content.

2. Quiet book

Quiet book

Take an afternoon to create this no-sew quiet book and enjoy many afternoons of freedom.

3. Clothespin crafts

Clothespin crafts

Give him a pile of pipe cleaners and clothespins and he’ll be creating for quite a while.

4. Sponge blocks

Sponge Blocks

Buy a pack of cheap sponges and cut them up to create soft blocks that don’t give you a heart attack when they come crashing down.

5. Popsicle stick photo puzzles

Popsicle stick photo puzzles

These easy homemade puzzles are fun for toddlers, especially when they recognize the images they’ve recreated. Use wider craft sticks to keep frustration at bay and toddler tantrums at a minimum.

6. Button snake

Button snake

This activity will keep them busy and teach them an important life skill. Win-win.

7. Rubber band can

Rubber band can

Image: Hands On as We Grow

Need some time to get dinner on the table? Hand them these two items from your kitchen and they won’t move until it’s time to eat.

8. Calming containers

Calming containers

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, but your toddler will be consumed by the task.

9. Junk match

Junk match

Trace some junk on a piece of paper and let your toddler match it up. Easy peasy.

10. Felt chain

 Felt chain

He’ll keep busy and gain some great motor skills.

11. Felt faces

Felt faces

There’s no end to the faces he can make with this fun activity.

12. Find-it game

Find-it game

This toddler-friendly find-it game can go on for hours.

13. Magnet matching

Magnet matching

Refrigerator magnets and a cookie sheet help them practice their ABCs in a quiet manner.

14. Plastic cups

Plastic cups

Yes, it really is as easy as a stack of plastic cups.

15. Paper plate ringtoss

Paper ring toss

Spend one afternoon creating the rings together and then get countless quiet hours while they play with their masterpiece.

This post was brought to you by Enfagrow Toddler.

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