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Craigslist ad for unborn baby preys on baby fever desperation

When folks around Atlanta spotted a Craigslist ad offering to trade an unborn baby for money or drugs, calls started pouring in to local police.

Now the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into whether the ad is fake, but as the agency’s spokesperson told WSB-TV, that’s a “definite possibility.”

The ad is supposedly from a woman who’s six months pregnant, who doesn’t want the baby and is willing to “trade it for $ or drugs.”

And while it’s terrible that anyone would ever consider buying or selling a baby on Craigslist, as a chick who has suffered from a chronic case of “baby fever,” I felt for the people who saw the ad and went ahead and let themselves work through the mental exercise of considering how the transaction might go down — despite how completely illegal buying a baby on some makeshift Craigslist black market would be.

And let’s be clear, it’s completely illegal and not something anyone would actually do in real life. But I get the fantasy.

Listen, buying a baby on Craigslist isn’t ideal, but what are the options if you’re someone who can’t have kids of her own? Fertility treatments, which are hugely expensive and don’t come with any guarantee you’ll end up with a kid. There’s adoption, which is tedious and fraught will all sorts of crooks and criteria you have to meet to qualify. Adoption is an incredibly invasive process that requires you to submit your medical history — including your weight and mental health history. Your home is inspected. Your finances are questioned. Adoption can take years. And sadly, adoptions all over the world are riddled with fraud and corruption — from Uganda to Florida.

So it would make sense that someone desperate for a child might consider trading money or drugs for a baby a terribly unseemly but relatively painless transaction compared to the alternatives.

“How much money would seem like a lot to this person?” someone as desperate for a baby as I once was might ask themselves. “And what kind of drugs do they want? Where would I get drugs? There’s that bar downtown that’s pretty rough. I could go there and start asking around. What would I wear to a seedy bar late at night on a Wednesday? Jeans, I guess. And flats.”

As long as there are people longing to have babies of their own but who can’t for whatever reason, there will be people lurking out there looking to capitalize.

Amazingly, according to Atlanta police, while they find the ad “highly disturbing and suspicious,” they say no law has been broken yet.

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