Amazing mom pregnant with fourth set of twins

Jun 2, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. ET
Image: YouTube/PORSE In-Home Childcare

A New Zealand couple is expecting a set of twins — their fourth set, in fact, and reports say they are thrilled.

Emma Uhila already has a busy household. Her oldest child is a 6-year-old boy, who was followed by six girls who arrived two at a time. Now Uhila is seven months pregnant with yet another set of twins, and she says they are pretty happy their family is turning out this way.

When the new twins make their appearance in a couple of months, the family will have nine children under 7 years of age — all conceived without fertility medication. In addition to the newborn twins, the family is home to Micah (the oldest), Ava and Lily (who were born in 2010), Isla and Eden (who were born in 2011) and Indie and Emme (who were born in 2013). For many, that would be an overwhelming nightmare, but the Uhila family seems to thrive with so many kids so close in age.

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This older video shows Emma with her seven kids — can you imagine adding a couple of newborns to the mix?


My kids are pretty far-spaced apart. My first three are around three years apart each, and then there is a seven-year gap between my youngest and her next oldest sibling. Basically each child was independent enough to not need constant attention and help when their next sibling was born.

This is the way I preferred to have a family, though. There are moms who like to have their kids close together so they can stay in "baby mode" for a shorter amount of time, and some adore having kids that are really close in age because often they become amazing playmates.

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But I'd be willing to wager that there aren't too many families that would be excited to have four sets of twins back to back, but the fact that this family adores their large family is pretty refreshing. Emma says the key to success with such a large family is strict routines. "We've got a really good routine now, where the kids know exactly what's happening each day and what's coming next," she tells Let's PORSE. "At night it's dinner, bath, story, brushing teeth, prayers, bed — they all know the routine, and if we forget something, they'll be the first to tell us."

Best wishes to the Uhila family as they go down the path to twins for a fourth time. I'm curious if they'll be all done after this, and I'm sure everyone else will be too.