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Man complains about breastfeeding mom, gets exactly what he deserves

We see so many stories of breastfeeding mothers shamed, banned and otherwise mistreated for feeding their babies, but this one will make you cheer.

It happened in an Australian café when a crabby, middle-aged man complained to staff about a mom who was there discreetly feeding her child at an outdoor table. They informed him that they are a “breast feeding friendly cafe” and offered him a seat inside if he really couldn’t handle it.

That wasn’t good enough for this guy though. When staff refused his request to ask her to cover up, he had the gall to go ask the mom to do so himself. That didn’t sit well with Jessica-Anne Allen, owner of the Cheese and Biscuits café in Queensland, Australia, at all, so she did something amazing — she kicked the creep out.

She posted the following to Facebook:

Can we get a big collective cheer for this kick-ass café owner? It’s sad that this is the exception rather than the rule. Breastfeeding is beautiful and natural, and if someone has a problem with it, then they are the problem and should be treated as such.

Bravo to this café for doing what so many more should — standing up for the rights of breastfeeding moms and babies everywhere.

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