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24 Prehistoric names from Jurassic Park

We went way back in time to round up these unique and fun prehistoric names inspired by the Jurassic Park movie franchise. No, we aren’t suggesting you name your child Tyrannosaurus rex (although your playroom may look like one just ran through it at the end of the day), but Rex would be an adorable name for your little tyke. For more baby boy and baby girl names, see these cute and quirky ancient prehistoric baby names.

We are going way beyond just retro baby names and taking it all the way back to the prehistoric era — to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. You can thank our newfound fascination with the prehistoric time to the Jurassic Park movies and the new Jurassic World movie starring cute-as-a-button (and Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord) Chris Pratt.

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Prehistoric dinosaur names

Jurassic Park is full of amazing dinosaurs with equally fierce names. Rex is an adorable name for a boy and is a fun play on the dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex. Plus, his nickname could be T. rex which is adorable in itself. Rex is a name of English origin that means “mighty counselor-ruler.”

One prehistoric name we can’t overlook is the unique name Dino, which is a name of Italian origin that means, “little sword.”

The Velociraptor is one of the fiercest dinosaurs, however, the name itself would be quite the mouthful. For a unique and fierce sounding name, the name Raptor just might make your son the coolest kid on the playground.

Here are a few more dinosaur names and their baby name inspiration. The shorter dinosaur names, like Anzu, stand on their own just fine.

  • Titanosaur: Shorten to the name Titan
  • Corythosaurus: Shorten to Cory
  • Baryonyx: Shorten to Onyx
  • Anzu
  • Khaan
  • Raptorex: Shorten to Raptor
  • Tyrannotitan: Shorten to Tyran
  • Kronosaurus: Shorten to Kron
  • Stegosaurus: Shorten to Steg
  • Utahraptor: Shorten to Utah
  • Tyrannosaurus: Shorten it to Tyra

We are also digging on the names of the raptors from Jurassic World: Blue, Delta and Echo.

Prehistoric caveman names

One of the earliest prehistoric caveman remains we have found is called “Ötzi the Iceman” and he was estimated to be over 7,000 years old. The oldest human ancestor remains we have found is called Lucy — and she is estimated to be an amazing 3.2 million years old.

Prehistoric names

Some of these prehistoric terms actually make unique and cool names for a baby boy or baby girl.

  • Arrow: One of the first tools found is the arrowhead
  • Obsidian: A volcanic glass used for chipping stones
  • Adze: One of the earliest tools used in the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods
  • Acheulian: Paleolithic culture dated from 1.4 million years
  • Magnolia: Magnolias were around during the dinosaur era

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