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Dad caught dragging son around by rope as ‘punishment’

A father’s cruel punishment of his son was captured on film by a concerned neighbor, and it’s beyond disturbing to watch.

In it we see the man pulling his 10-year-old son by a rope attached to his neck. When the boy refuses to get out of a truck, he is yanked out and dragged along the pavement as the father screams, “Might as well raise you like a dog.”

The boy’s offense? He was reportedly outside playing instead of studying.

Warning: The film is difficult to watch.

It happened in China, but more and more, we see parents everywhere resorting to cruel and unusual punishments when it comes to their children. This is an extreme example, because the child could have been seriously injured, but trying to teach lessons through humiliation isn’t tough love — it’s cruel, plain and simple. The line between punishment and child abuse shouldn’t be blurry, but too often parents seem to find it that way.

Raising kids is tough, and when they’re defiant, there are only so many bribes, threats, consequences and other appropriate parenting techniques you can try. It’s maddening, but it’s our job as parents to keep trying, without resorting to humiliation and violence. How can your child ever trust you again after you’ve done something like this to him?

It’s unknown what kind of charges the father faces, if any, but he did admit to reporters that the “punishment” was inappropriate. So at least there’s that. Hopefully he and his family will get the help they apparently need.

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