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New Instagram account on parenting shows it’s OK to be average

Just when you start to feel bad about not being a good-enough parent, here comes a hilarious Instagram account to let you know it’s OK to be average. Kudos to those who always go above and beyond the call of duty. For the rest of us, merely living to see another day in the world of parenting is reason enough to celebrate.

Before I became a parent, I had all these wonderful aspirations to be a perfect mom with a perfect family you could showcase in a glossy magazine. I think it’s only normal for parents to want the absolute best for their children and have all the things we never did growing up.

My, how things became clearer once I had my first child.

The truth is, being a parent is not easy. All of us deal with different circumstances and child personalities that can make our days sunny and bright or an absolute nightmare. It’s pretty funny to read parenting blogs and sites that almost promote a euphoric state of parenthood, where you’re always on your A game or are quick to call out “questionable behavior” that can land you on the worst list.

“The Internet focuses so much on the best and worst of parenting…” Ilana Wiles told TODAY during an interview.

A mother of two young girls, IIana started the Instagram account Average Parent Problems that has quickly become a go-to resource for relatable parenting stories and frustrations. “Average parents don’t have the time or the energy to be a helicopter parent or a Tiger mom, but we’re OK with that,” adds Wiles.

Once an advertising creative director, IIana turned to the blogging world and found her voice as the mastermind behind Mommy Shorts, a fun and lighthearted site about parenting, with all the personal stories and memes you can stand. Her new Instagram community looks to continue in those footsteps, encouraging others to share their experiences using the hashtag #averageparentproblems.

Average Parent Problems is not your typical mom-and-pop destination, as it finds humor in the happy medium between being an awesome parent and one who might get a citation. It’s a platform to admit common thoughts you have but probably wouldn’t share out of fear of being judged. The account also features some pretty funny images of kids being kids. Whether your 3-year-old asks for a “penis butter” sandwich or your toddler accidentally flips you the bird while showing you a cut on her middle finger, you’ll probably find just about every scenario you hope never happens in public but always does.

Since its start earlier this month, Average Parent Problems has gained over 93,000 followers, which speaks to its popularity.

I’ll admit, some of these photos are pretty hilarious. Granted, my child is only 16 months old (also have a baby due any day), but I look forward to experiencing some of these “problems” that are guaranteed to become everlasting memories.

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