Jessica Simpson posts pic of daughter in swimsuit & people freak out

Earlier this week Jessica Simpson posted a picture of her 2-year-old daughter, Maxwell, having fun posing for the camera over Memorial Day in a swimsuit. And right on cue, the internet outrage over it being too sexy exploded.

Some deemed the pose too provocative — because, you know, her hand is on her hip. Others took issue with the fact that she’d post a picture of her child in a swimsuit at all because… God forbid we see her arms and legs? It wasn’t even a bikini but a sweet one-piece suit. Still, the judgment was harsh and so tiresomely par for the let’s-sexualize-everything course these days.

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“That’s not cute, that is weird. That is sexualizing a toddler. So weird.”

“Way to go, Jessica. Start sexualizing your daughter early!!!”

“I guess people don’t realize how sickos get off looking at little girls when they pose provocatively. Doesn’t anyone just take cute pictures for their own family album?”

From dress codes that ban girls from showing their shoulders to the judgy outrage this picture sparks, dressing oneself without judgment is turning into a tricky game. No yoga pants, no sundresses, no swimsuits, no hands on your hips. Sure there’s a line, but it seems so fine these days that girls can’t wear much more than a muumuu or put their arms primly by their sides without being seen as too sexy, too tempting to the poor men who just can’t control themselves.

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If it was a picture of a little boy in swim trunks showing off his muscles like his dad, there would be oohs and aahs and no one would even think about it being sexual. But a little girl trying to look like her mommy with her shoulders and legs showing, oh my!

Yes, there are sickos out there, and that’s why some parents choose not to post any pictures of their children online. But if you choose to post pictures, then trying to avoid anything a pervert might find sexy is a fruitless effort. It’s sad but true.

If Maxwell was sprawled on the floor in a Brazilian thong that would be one thing, but she’s not. This is an adorable picture her mother chose to share. The only thing wrong here is the people judging it and making it into something it’s not.

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