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Horrible parent demands Texas teacher be ‘investigated’ for Pinterest post

Well, we have obviously reached a critical stage in feeling the need to protect our children from terrible teachers who have a sense of humor, or at least in this case, of an elementary school teacher under investigation in San Antonio for daring to repin some funny Someecards pins on their Pinterest page.

Attention, parents: I’m going to take a few minutes to educate you about teachers. Teachers are people, who have lives outside of educating your special snowflakes, who are allowed to have Pinterest accounts, who are allowed to have senses of humor and who work incredibly hard day in and day out for little money, educating your brats and giving them a sense of wonder about the world and dealing with them no matter how poorly behaved they are or if they are having a bad day or attending school with runny noses or hitting one another or refusing to listen or smearing glue in their hair.

Teachers, for the most part (and no, I don’t mean the handful of monster teachers we read about in the news, who are abusive or who commit horrible acts against children), are saints.

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My kids are brats, your kids are brats. It’s that simple. Teachers are underpaid, overworked and, in more cases than not, truly amazing people. Which is why stories like these are so infuriating. From Kens5 Eyewitness News:

“A parent said her son is about to attend Columbia Heights Elementary School. She said she did a quick search online and found the teacher’s Pinterest account.

“The parent didn’t want to go on camera but said she wants the district to take disciplinary action.”

Here are some tips for you parents scandalized by something as harmless as this:

Realize your kid’s teacher is allowed to laugh about their job.

Realize your kid’s teacher is probably wonderful with your kid when dealing with your kid, but they may want to blow off steam by making fun of their job on their own personal Pinterest accounts.

Realize that you want your child taught by a person with a sense of humor, because the opposite of that is a teacher who is going to lose their cool the second your elementary school kid says “butt” in class or creates a funny drawing or does something else weird, which all little kids do because little kids are weird.

And a tip for teachers?

Lock down your social media accounts, because some parents are babies with no sense of humor, who will complain if you dare make a joke on social media.

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