Designer creates gorgeous breastfeeding wedding dress

May 27, 2015 at 8:30 p.m. ET

Samantha Sleeper had a unique request from a bride-to-be — to create a wedding dress with easy breastfeeding access, and she nailed it.


Wearing a dress isn't always compatible with nursing a baby, as many moms realize when they don some fancy duds. If you can't pull down the neckline, you have to retreat to a very private area and basically take your whole outfit off, which is decidedly inconvenient.

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Breastfeeding moms who are set to go down the aisle also often have to consider their babies, as getting dressed for a wedding is no small feat, and undressing for a feed can be a pretty big ordeal. Many wedding gowns are low cut and make nursing a breeze, but if you're not wanting a dress with a low neckline, you may be out of luck — unless you ask an amazing dress designer to create a wedding dress specifically for easy breastfeeding access.

I love that Sleeper accepted this challenge and created a stunning dress that works both for fashion as well as function. The mother had approached her to create a dress, and when she told her that she'd probably have to pop out of the reception every so often to nurse her little one, Sleeper realized she'd likely be able to construct something that would allow the new mom to breastfeed her baby without having to leave her big night.

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Nursing a baby while wearing regular clothing is one thing — I used a nursing tank under my shirt and simply lifted my top while my midsection was still covered. It was an easy solution but one that you can't use on your wedding day unless you're going super casual. Sleeper said she created four different prototypes before settling on the final design, a dress that cost around $2,800. Using layers of silk and a silk-lycra blend, she engineered a series of closures that allow access to a camisole that opens for nursing.

I'm sure the bride will be absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day and will appreciate the built-in breastfeeding access — who wants to leave their reception, anyway? Now she can have her wedding and reception while nursing in style, which is the best of both worlds.