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72,000 ladybugs released in school for cruel senior prankt

Senior pranks are a tradition across the country, and each year graduating classes try to outdo those that have gone before them and leave their mark. Some are fun, but some go way too far as did this one in Morganza, Maryland, that has led to criminal charges against seven students.

According to WUSA9, last week the students released 72,000 ladybugs in Chopticon High School after forcibly entering the building. Yes, 72,000! Students and teachers arrived the next morning to find the sweet little creatures everywhere. And it wasn’t a pretty sight. Students reported seeing the bugs on every surface and squished on floors.

Those poor ladybugs.

I’m sure the students didn’t think there was any real damage that could be done with this prank. Ladybugs are harmless; it’s not like they released bees. The problem is they didn’t think. They didn’t think what the cleanup would entail and they didn’t think about all the ladybugs that would be killed in the process. Besides that, there’s that little matter of forcibly entering a building. Not cool.

When I think about my young kids entering middle school and high school, I worry about these kinds of momentary lapses in judgment. It’s the split seconds when kids — good kids — go along with the crowd, do something to be funny or just don’t think and end up doing something with dire consequences that frighten me.

The school isn’t taking the matter lightly at all. Beyond facing police charges, at least one of the pranksters was banned from walking at graduation. Some think the punishment is too harsh for a prank, but there’s a point at which they need to send a strong message so that perhaps other kids that follow will think things through a bit more.

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