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Texas homecoming queen drowns in floodwaters after prom

As a high school senior, you have the whole world ahead of you. Unfortunately the life of 18-year-old Alyssa Ramirez was cut short after an unthinkable tragedy.

What do you remember about your high school prom? Most of us have fond memories of that special evening that help cement our time in school before we head off into the world. There’s shopping for the perfect dress, getting your hair and makeup done, spending the evening with close friends and other events that make it unforgettable.

This story, however, does not have a happy ending.

Alyssa Ramirez was a high school senior at Devine High School, with her entire life ahead of her. Crowned earlier this year as homecoming queen, she was also president of the student council, a cheerleader, an athlete (played volleyball and tennis) and co-editor of her school’s yearbook committee. To say she was involved in her high school would be an understatement.

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Like others, Alyssa attended her senior prom as a way to commemorate her time at Devine High with those close to her. Unfortunately her drive home after the event would be her last and end in great tragedy.

Alyssa became a victim of recent Texas floods when floodwaters swept her car off the road. NBC News reports she had issues with her car stalling only a few miles away from her home. “She did the right things,” Alyssa’s aunt, Roberta Ramirez, points out. “She called 911. She called her father, but it was just too much and too quick.”

The Hurley Funeral Home posted Alyssa’s last social media entry before the accident in her obituary:

Faith grows through hardship. Faith does not grow in a garden of property, but in a desert of tribulation. Even though it is never pleasant to experience hardship, it teaches us to persevere and to cling to God. He will never desert us.

Living in Oklahoma, these last few weeks have not made me love the rain — or this weather, for that matter. As if crossing your fingers and praying tornado season doesn’t claim any lives or damage homes isn’t bad enough, many people I know just aren’t prepared to deal with flooding. Sure, I get daily alerts about potential flash flooding in my area, but I had no idea it’s the No. 2 weather-related killer in this country (second to heat waves). In fact, more people perish from flash flooding than from tornadoes and hurricanes.

My heart goes out to Alyssa’s family, to those who lost loved ones in recent floods and to those still searching for the missing. With more rain expected for the remainder of the week, I can only hope and pray we get a breather…

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