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Do moms really need an app to make friends?

While it’s certainly understandable to use your smartphone for just about anything these days, some mothers are questioning whether or not an app to help make friends is really necessary.

I had to really sit down and give this one some thought, as I do my best not to judge others or their decisions. It can be extremely difficult at times to cultivate long-lasting friendships once you graduate from college. With the exception of work and having a dedicated hobby, there are many times when you just don’t have the right set of circumstances to meet potential friends.

Last year my husband and I packed our things and moved our family halfway across the country. Saying goodbye to the East Coast and hello to southern living, it was a culture shock (a pleasant one) at the very least, that put one thing in perspective: We don’t have any friends here. Sure, I can always hop on the phone for a quick chat or shoot an email, but as a mother, it’s so nice to have a fellow mama pal you can call to schedule play dates or have a glass of wine with once the kiddos are down for the evening.

Thankfully I’ve been able to make some pretty good acquaintances at my local gym and through a volunteer organization that meets monthly. Plus, I stumbled across Hello Mamas, a matchmaking service dedicated to helping moms meet other moms in their area. There’s even a smartphone app called Smile Mom that connects you to other mommies in your community who have children at a similar age as yours. The MomCo App also has hopes of pairing nearby mothers together for friendship and support.

Who knew the potential of finding new mom friends could be so accessible? With just the click of a button, it seems pretty effortless.

In speaking with other mothers about these technological advancements, there are some who chuckle at the idea and others who see the benefit. While there is a certain level of embarrassment that might come with the territory, does today’s mother really need an app or website to help her make friends?

The answer depends on your situation.

I file these “mommy matchmaking” websites and apps in the same category as something like Meetup. They have practically every local group you can think of — and more. Tons of people I know, including myself, have participated in a Meetup at some point. Whether networking, trying to sync up with like-minded individuals or going out for a cocktail to celebrate the end of a work week, it wasn’t strange to be a part of a group of “strangers” that promoted similar interests. Perhaps these mommy resources are no different and might even take things a step further by zeroing in on people who better match your personality?

Given today’s reliability on technology, I’m not surprised there are resources like this. Online dating was once considered taboo and a bit inauthentic. Why search for a potential love interest when there are tons of single folk in your city or town? I guess if it were that easy, everyone would find their Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Sometimes it’s easier to connect on a virtual level before committing yourself to an in-person encounter. Any mother knows keeping a household schedule — let alone finding downtime for yourself — can be extremely difficult. Maybe resources like this will help moms find the support they need in a local friend they didn’t know lived around the corner.

Would you ever try an app or website that connects you to other moms?

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