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9 Father’s Day gifts he won’t have to pretend to love

It’s almost Father’s Day, folks, so that means gearing up for messy handprint cards from your kids and one super crappy breakfast “cooked” by your toddler. Love you, Dad!

To ensure that maybe Father’s Day doesn’t suck this year (as much as he would totally love another tie, I’m sure), perhaps you’d want to gear your kiddos to one of these gifts instead.

1. Not your typical thank-you card

thank you card

A little appreciation and thank-you to a man goes a long way. When the kids are acting up, they are always “his” too, am I right? (CheekyKumquat, $4).

2. A truthful T-shirt


It’s nothing to be ashamed of. And of course, this is just a joke. All dads are the best dads in their children’s eyes. (mindmytees, $16).

3. A cold one with Dad

bottle opener

Pop a cold one with the old man; he might need it. (HandmadeLoveStories, $23).

4. A card to show you care


Awwww. (FINCHandHARE, $5).

5. Tell him how you really feel


Only if it’s coming from you can this be a compliment. (jdeluce, $6).

6. Celebrate your accomplishments

cute babies

Especially the really cute ones. (JadeCourtPaper, $5).

7. Make him hot


To grill you up some dinner, of course. (LittlePrettiesBoutiq, $17).

8. For your big gamer


Like father, like baby. (CleverFoxApparel, $33).

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