9-Year-old's My Little Pony birthday cake is a hilarious fail

May 22, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Getty Images

Sometimes all you can do is laugh… or sue, as some think these parents should do. And it's all because of a birthday cake mistake.

It was 9-year-old Evelina's birthday celebration, and she wanted to mark the occasion with a My Little Pony cake. According to The Telegraph, her parents ordered just that, but that bakery didn't quite hear them right when they placed the order.

Instead of the cute little equines, the cake arrived on the big day adorned with an image of Little Tony — a dead Elvis-inspired Italian singer from the 1960s. (They live in Italy, so it makes a little more sense.)

Evelina was reportedly disappointed, which is understandable, but it's still pretty funny, right? A good opportunity to teach a lesson about rolling with the punches, finding the humor in life and that cake still tastes exactly the same no matter how it's decorated.

While it's not known if that was how her parents reacted, at least some are suggesting this cake fail is actually lawsuit worthy… seriously. Codacons, Italy's consumers association, told the paper that "the girl and her family would be within their rights to take the pastry shop to court" and pointed to another successful case someone won because the sparkling wine at a party was flat.

Par for the litigious course, I suppose, but disturbing nonetheless. Birthdays are a big deal, and we all want our kids' special days to be amazing, but things happen. Hopefully Evelina's parents found the humor, cranked up some Little Tony tunes and enjoyed the cake.

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