Sunshine state dentist accused of malpractice and child abuse

Florida dentist Dr. Howard Schneider is facing a criminal fraud investigation and class action suits for reportedly beating child patients and providing unnecessary services to rack up Medicaid reimbursements.

This story should anger every parent and tempt a few to call up Shonda Rhimes to learn How to Get Away with Murder.

A Florida mother made an appointment for her 6-year-old daughter, Bri’el, to have a tooth pulled at the dentist. What should’ve been an ordinary procedure turned into a horrific event when Brandi Motley later realized all seven of her child’s teeth were gone. WFSB News reports the mother was unable to accompany her daughter and had to wait for three hours in the waiting room until the surgery was complete.

“Finally, the nurse came and got me, and she said there had been an incident,” recounts Motley. “[Bri’el] was hyperventilating. She had marks all over her, blood all over her.”

In addition to the trauma her young daughter faced, Brandi was horrified to hear her daughter make claims that Dr. Schneider choked and beat her. Turning to authorities, she later discovered no one wrote a report about the incident. Motley also claims lawyers didn’t want to take her case. Both Dr. Schneider and nurses on his staff continue to deny these claims that date back decades.

Can you imagine?

Rather than accept what occured, Brandi made the decision to take matters into her own hands by sharing her story on social media, along with photos of her daughter post procedure. Her actions created a ripple effect that encouraged other parents who had children seen by Dr. Howard Schneider to come forward. In one incident, the dentist allegedly choked and removed unnecessary teeth from a 5-year-old patient — only this time he screamed for his mother, who was unable to hear his cries because she is deaf.

“Because I’m deaf, I can’t hear anything, and to know that my child was calling for me and my name and I couldn’t help him, it makes me feel like lousy,” said Amanda Barry.

As if this story couldn’t get any more outlandish, the Florida attorney general’s office has begun a criminal investigation. Records indicate Dr. Schneider has received close to $4 million in Medicaid reimbursement over the past five years. Attorney John Phillips, who represents former patients of the dentist, notes that most of them rely on Medicaid to cover costs.

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No amount of money is ever worth harming a child. How on Earth can you justify giving a 3-year-old 16 crowns and beating them? I can only hope justice gets served considering the horrific details of many of these incidents. As much as I would try to keep my composure, I would probably join the parent who tried to attack the dentist.

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