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Mom’s C-section incision popped open after stitch removal

This is not a common occurrence, but for a mom in the U.K., it was all too real. She says that after her midwife removed her C-section stitch, her incision opened up, forcing her to return to the hospital.

Sam Bell had undergone an elective C-section because her first birth, a vaginal delivery, had been traumatic for her. However, it doesn’t sound like she had a much better time after the C-section delivery of her baby girl. Five days after the birth, a midwife came to her home and removed the single running stitch that anchored her incision together — but it didn’t go quite as planned.

After the removal of the stitch, Bell went to stand up, and she reports that it felt like her pants were sticking to her. However, when she unzipped her drawers, she saw the incision open back up — and worse yet, she says it looked like her innards were trying to come out as well.

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She was completely horrified, of course, and called for her partner to come in, and the midwife instructed her to lie down immediately and called for an ambulance. Rescue unfortunately took around 40 minutes to swing by and pick her up, and during that time, she says she was scared out of her mind, but she was trying to lie very still and not push anything else out.

She wound up with another surgery and 20 staples to put her back together again, and had to stay in the hospital for another four days. Being away from her 15-month-old son and newborn daughter was understandably difficult for the new mom, and she says she has yet to get a solid answer as to why this happened.

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While the decision to have a C-section may seem strange, we don’t know the specifics of her first birth or whether she would have been in danger attempting another vaginal birth. However, I have to wonder if she totally regrets signing up for a surgical birth. Most C-sections go off without a hitch, especially a planned (nonemergency) one. But complications can and do happen, even when things seem to go well at first — that’s an unfortunate risk of having a surgical birth, and there are also complications that can happen with a vaginal birth as well, as she found out during her first delivery.

Hopefully this mother doesn’t have any long-lasting effects from this particular complication, and I hope she continues to recover and enjoy her two young kids.

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