5-Year-old boy feeds homeless man in Waffle House, leaves diners in tears

When 5-year-od Josiah Duncan saw a homeless man enter the Waffle House restaurant in Prattville, Alabama, he wasn’t sure what to think. The man didn’t look like anyone he’d ever seen before, so he began asking his mom questions.

When she told him the man was homeless and explained what that means, Josiah was troubled. Rather than just going back to his meal, however, Josiah couldn’t take the fact that someone might not have food. So he begged his mom to buy the man some.

When she said yes, Josiah sprang into action. His proud mom described to WSFA:

He came in and sat down, and nobody really waited on him. So Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu because you can’t order without one.

The man chose a hamburger, and then upgraded it to include bacon after being assured he could get whatever he wanted. Before he started eating, however, Josiah insisted that they pray together first. So as the rest of the misty-eyed Waffle House diners watched, Josiah sang out a thankful prayer.

Talk about a feel-good story. It’s such a sweet example of how while it’s our job as parents to teach our children about what matters in life and how to be kind human beings, they often teach us so much more. As Whitney Houston said, “Let the children lead the way.” (And yes, I did just quote Whitney Houston.)

WSFA.com Montgomery Alabama news.


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