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Kids give hilarious love advice that is also majorly on point (VIDEO)

If kids were in charge of relationships between adults, the world would clearly be a better, and simpler, place.


The first thing we want to know is if the young lady who advised that a good time for kissing would be after marriage is a Duggar. Because that seems suspiciously like Duggar-ish advice. But we doubt a Duggar would endorse a trip to Paris as a first date option, so perhaps this kid just plays by her own rules.

It’s clear from this video that the reason adults struggle so much in the love department is that they just make things more complicated than they need to be. Ask your date where she wants to go first because things could go seriously wrong if she doesn’t like your choice; skip the chocolates because they’ll melt; flip a coin if you have to choose between women; and run away when things end — it all just seems like common sense.

Who needs a relationship counselor when consulting the nearest child will get you better, and far cheaper, results?

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