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Foster parents arrested for sunburned, dehydrated kids

When you’re out at the pool with your kids, you must keep their safety in mind. You have to protect them from the sun, and you have to make sure they are drinking enough water — if you’re not doing both of those things, it can be deadly.

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Two foster parents who were vacationing in Florida seemed to forget to take care of their kids, and wound up in jail because of it.

Hotel staff became concerned because Rebecca El-Rhazouani and Mounir El-Rhazouani didn’t notice (or care) that their 2-year-old and 5-year-old foster kids were crying, distressed and sunburned. When the police arrived, a staff member said, “The child wanted to get out of the sun so bad that it was literally running to that door over there, screaming, trying to get into the door, and the father would not take the child inside.”

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The pair were sitting at a table, drinking, when confronted by police, and they told them that the kids were actually back in the hotel room — alone. When the officers investigated, they found them in a room with a knife and a beer within easy reach, and placed both parents under arrest for child neglect.

Bewilderingly, the mother cries out as she’s led away that she was only going to get her things and then was going to put the kids to bed. It’s an odd statement, because the body cam video shows they were chilling out at a table and didn’t appear to be in a big hurry to get back up to their unsupervised children.

How terribly sad for these foster children, who should be cared for and protected — and not allowed to run around all day in the hot sun without access to sunscreen, shade and adequate fluids.

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To stay safe in the sunshine, stay out of the sun, or minimize your kids’ exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun is at its strongest. Utilize sun hats, provide shade, and use sunscreen on a regular basis — and reapply every couple of hours. You can also help keep them safe by providing sunglasses, protective lip balm and plenty of water.

Swimming and being outdoors all day are some of the best things about summer, and if you keep these safety tips in mind (and don’t get drunk and ignore your children), your family will stay healthy and safe too.

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