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I let my kids see all the nipples because human bodies aren’t shameful

In 1954, artist Pablo Picasso recreated Eugene Delacroix’s “The Women Of Algiers.” In 2015, Fox News reported the painting selling for $179 million at auction and blurred out the nipples of the women depicted in the painting to protect the children.

The best part of this story? It was aired at 10 o’clock at night when most kids are, you know, sleeping. And even if a child did catch a glimpse of nipples, is this really so scandalous that kids need to be protected from it? I think there are things we do need to shield our children from. Pornography. Extreme violence. Drinking Mountain Dew in their sippy cups. But protecting them from seeing nipples on a painting by one of the most important artists of all time? That’s just too bizarre. Thankfully, I’m not the only person who feels this way.

I have never hid nudity from my kids. I have art in my home with naked people in it. And art books.

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And I’m sure, considering they all breastfed, they saw my own nipples more than once. Actually, all of my children have nipples. I’m pretty sure they have seen their own nipples. I’m all for making childhood last as long as possible. Let’s keep our kids young and shield them from as much violence and ugliness and true inappropriate content for as long as we can. Let’s keep R-rated movies and video games for the 18 and older set. But please, let’s expose them to art, and to human bodies, and teach them there is nothing shameful or obscene about any of it. I’d rather have all the children see nipples than let them watch an episode of Caillou any day.

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