How many potential Duggars are in the world’s future? The stats are crazy

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have shifted their priorities from growing their own family (they stopped at 19) and moved them to their grandchildren. In fact, if their grandkids keep growing at the rate we think they might, they will have more Duggar offspring than the entire population of California!

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have made a career out of having a large family with their reality show 19 Kids and Counting, which followed the lives of their large family. Michelle has now turned the childbearing reins over to her kids — and she and Jim Bob could not be happier. In fact, Michelle made a (sort of creepy) comment that “the multiplication process has begun.”

In fact, according to the Inquisitr, if each of the 19 Duggar kids had 10 kids of their own, there would soon be enough Duggar offspring running around to fill the entire population of Nevada. Don’t believe us? If they each had 19 like their parents, there would be enough Duggar population to fill the state of California. See our handy chart to see how the numbers add up.

Duggar Family Descendant Statistics

Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

“Four grandkids and counting — going on 200!” Jim Bob said in a video they posted on their Facebook page.

Their daughter Jill just gave birth to a son named Israel, and their son Josh Duggar and his wife Anna have three children, all with “M” names: Marcus, Mackynzie and Michael. Anna is pregnant with her fourth child and Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald have recently announced that they are pregnant with their first child, so the Duggar clan continues to grow and grow.

Now, the likelihood that all the Duggar kids will have that many children is low, however, they do all seem to want large families — and Jessa has even said she may adopt as well as have biological kids.

In their newest video, Michelle and Jim Bob welcome their newest grandchild, Israel, and gush over having “hundreds” more grandkids.

“We want to thank everybody for all their support for Jill and Derick,” said Jim Bob.

“And for your prayers,” Michelle continued. “What a blessed time this is as we welcomed our new grandbaby, little Israel, into the world. We are just so thankful for our friends and those out there that have been praying for our family. Thank you so much.”

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