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Baby names inspired by paint colors

Have you ever wondered who’s responsible for giving paint colors their clever names? Take advantage of their creative efforts by using one of these existing names for your next baby boy or girl.

Red. Bursting with energy, red is fiery, patriotic and truly inspirational.

  • Azalea, Pratt & Lambert
  • Bella Pink, Sherwin-Williams
  • Blazer, Farrow & Ball
  • Calypso Berry, Olympic
  • Cerise, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Charlotte’s Locks, Farrow & Ball
  • Cherries Jubilee, Glidden
  • Claret Rose, Benjamin Moore
  • Devine Blush, Devine Color
  • Flame, Pratt & Lambert
  • Peppery, Sherwin-Williams
  • Sunset Skyline, Olympic

Orange. From creamy peaches to brilliant sunsets, orange shades are a gift from Mother Nature herself.

  • Amber Dawn, California Paints
  • Apricotta, Behr
  • Ardent Coral, Sherwin-Williams
  • Autumn Blaze, Fine Paints of Europe
  • Coral Gables, Benjamin Moore
  • Delta Clay, Olympic
  • Devine Ginger, Devine Color
  • Georgia Clay, California Paints
  • Gladiola, Sherwin-Williams
  • Honey Maple, Olympic
  • Tangelo Cream, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Tango, Sherwin-Williams

Yellow. This cheery hue calls to mind sunshine and new beginnings.

  • Canary Song, Glidden
  • Capri Cream, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Honey Butter, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Jolie Blonde, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Lemon Glow, Benjamin Moore
  • Lotus Flower, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Lily, Sherwin-Williams
  • Luna, California Paints
  • Spice Ivory, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Sunny Saturday, Mythic Paint
  • Van Gogh Yellow, Fine Paints of Europe
  • Yellow Finch, Benjamin Moore

Green. Think gardens, forests, plants, trees and the green, green grass of home.

  • Aganthus Green, Benjamin Moore
  • Bay Laurel, Restoration Hardware
  • Bezique, Pratt & Lambert
  • Colette, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Devine Olive, Devine Color
  • Emerald Isle, Olympic
  • Lime Sherbet, Pantone
  • Meadow Green, Rust-Oleum
  • Olive Martini, California Paints
  • Palmetto, Martha Stewart Living
  • Phillips Green, California Paints
  • Sierra Night, Pratt & Lambert

Blue. A name that pays tribute to the deep blue ocean against a bright blue sky — how much more inspiration could you possibly need?

  • Ash Blue, Benjamin Moore
  • Benedetta, Devine Color
  • Cay, HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams
  • Cool Jazz, Behr
  • Denim, Devine Color
  • Major Blue, Sherwin-Williams
  • Rain, Devine Color
  • Rich Navy, Glidden
  • Serene Sky, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Storm, Devine Color
  • Van Deusen Blue, Benjamin Moore
  • Windsor Blue, Pratt & Lambert

Purples. Indigo, violet, lavender… there are so many shades of purple to enjoy.

  • Debutante, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Desert Dawn, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Glimmer, California Paints
  • Indigo Night, Glidden
  • Lavender Pearl, Pittsburgh Paints
  • November Skies, Benjamin Moore
  • Pansy Evita, California Paints
  • Pastille, Maison Blanche Paint Company
  • Plum Shade, Pittsburgh Paints
  • Purple Hyacinth, Benjamin Moore
  • Shadow, Benjamin Moore
  • Summer Phlox, Ralph Lauren

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