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What are the most searched baby names of the year?

Google just released the most searched baby girl names and boy names broken down by each state. It is so interesting to note the differences between the west coast and east coast. Curious what is popular in your state? Check out our map to see a state-by-state breakdown.

The Social Security Administration just released their list of the most popular baby names of 2014, compiled from birth certificates here in the United States, and announced that Noah and Emma were the top baby names.

Google, however, just revealed what baby names parents in each state were searching for and this information actually gives us a hint as to what will be popular names in the future. Let’s start by looking at the top three names most searched for on an average in the U.S.

Top three female baby names nationally

  1. Elizabeth
  2. Olivia
  3. Emma

Top three male baby names nationally

  1. Michael
  2. James
  3. Avery

It is interesting to note that Elizabeth is currently number 14 on the Social Security Administration’s list, so we may start to see that climb fast — especially with the new royal baby, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Speaking of Charlotte, Google reports that the meaning of the name Charlotte spiked 15 times in the past 24 hours since Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby was born.

Here is the top baby girl name searched for in each state. It is interesting to note that Oregon must have a huge Frozen fan base, as Elsa was the most searched girl name, while New Mexico likes the unique name Malachi and Arizona likes the unique name Aurora. California girls love the name Sophia, while New York girls have an affinity for Ava.

Top girl names - Google

For boys, Michael is the most searched name (but is ranked number seven on the Social Security Administration list), while James comes in second and the unique name of Avery comes in third — perhaps from the character Avery on the hit show Nashville?

California boys love the traditional name of Michael, while New York boys stick with Ethan — however other interesting picks include Tennessee’s choice of Asher, Oregon’s popular pick of Finn and Kansas’s pick of Ezekiel. Check out the state-by-state map here.

Most searched baby boy names

Here are a few notable top names in the United States. Get ready to see these names on the playground!

  • California (Sophia, Michael)
  • New York (Ava, Ethan)
  • Texas (Emily, Daniel)
  • Florida (Chloe, Aiden)
  • Illinois (Aria, Ethan)
  • Massachusetts (Ava, Andrew)
  • South Dakota (Ramia, Ahmed)
  • Kansas (Olivia, Ezekiel)
  • Wyoming (Matilda, Logan)
  • Connecticut (Francesca, Nico)

Tell us: What do you think of the most searched baby names here in the United States? Weigh in below!

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