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29 Adorable photos of dads and their kids on Father’s Day

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This Father’s Day, we hope these images bring to mind the phrases, “Thanks, Dad,” and “I love you.”

1. Sweet selfie

2. Throwback daddy

3. Curiosity

dad and son

Image: Dani Vasquez/Flickr

4. Zonked out

5. Swooning; we are swooning

6. Dark-wash daddy (because, of course, they need matching Levi’s®)

father and his two boys

Levi’s® 505™ Regular jeans are an easy (and cute) way to have Dads and the kiddos match this Father’s Day (starting at $34.99 at the Macy’s Father’s Day sale).

7. Swimming in love

8. Life Skills 101

father and son skateboarding

Image: Gianluca1996/Flickr

9. Look, Mom, matching hats!

10. A yesteryear picnic

father and son playing in the grass

Image: cristian/Flickr

11. Dad as chair

12. Fishing with dad

father and daughter fishing

Image: Randy Griffin/Flickr

13. Baby-wearing with a bun

14. Wrestling like champs

son wrestling with dad

Image: Amanda Tipton/Flickr

15. Goofballs, defined

16. Oh, those smiles

17. Multitasking papa

father caring for his twins

Image: Michael Verhoef/Flickr

18. Kicking it poolside

19. A safe return

daughter welcoming her father home from overseas

Image: DVIDSHUB/Flickr

20. They have matching stars

21. A gamey duo

father and child gaming together

Image: Kris & Fred/Flickr

22. Goodnight, sleep tight

23. Daddy’s little girl

father holding his daughter

Image: littlemaiba/Flickr

24. Flying high

25. Playing catch

father and daughter playing catch

Image: Cara_VSAngel/Flickr

26. Laughter must be genetic

27. Adventure awaits

28. A teachable moment

dad and child playing hockey

Image: Ludovic Bertron/Flickr

29. Sleepy dad, you are so sweet

This post was brought to you by Levi’s®.

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