Dad films his son saying the most random things, we lose it laughing (VIDEO)

BRB, just as soon as we’re done watching this hilarious video about another 200 times.


Firstly, way to go, Dad! Installing a GoPro in the car is probably the best parenting decision you’ll ever make, mainly because we benefited from it. Secondly, this kid is a gold mine!

We do have one question, though: Why is a cow featured so often in Ryder’s musings? Perhaps he has a future in dairy? He’s either going to do that or something that involves Taekwondo. We’re pretty sure either is a safe bet.

But our favorite thing about this video has to be that Ryder has a contingency plan for when he finishes those french fries. Planning ahead is the key to succeeding in life, so this kid is already way ahead of the game.

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