7 Educational gifts for the kindergarten graduate

Caps and gowns of all sizes come out this time of year. The rite of passage that is graduation is no longer saved for high school or college — the transition from kindergarten to first grade is often celebrated with a graduation ceremony all its own! If your student is about to grab her kindergarten diploma, you might be thinking of a way to reward her for that year of hard work. Help your student spend the summer learning with one of these educational kindergarten graduation gifts.

1. Colored pencils and a sketchbook

Let her unleash her creativity with a set of high-quality colored pencils, just like someone who graduated from art school would use! A hardback sketchbook means she can take her drawing on the go.

2. Building set

Get her imagination going with a child-friendly building set. Whether you think she would most prefer the goal-oriented nature of a marble run or the free range of a wooden plank or plastic rod kit, the types of building sets available are nearly as endless as the masterpieces they can be used to create.

3. Tickets to the local museum

If the kindergarten grad in your life is a niece, grandchild or family friend, pick up tickets for the whole family to visit an educational institution. Depending on the child’s interests (and nearby institutions available) you can give the gift of a day spent engulfed in science, history or art. You can even include a museum gift card so the family can grab snacks and spend the whole day learning together.

4. Handheld brain teaser puzzles

Help improve her logic skills with a handheld brain teaser. These metal, plastic or wooden puzzles can provide hands-on stimulation and boost problem-solving skills. As an added bonus, these gifts may make great distractions during summer car trips.

5. Science kit

From break-your-own geodes to junior electric projects, pre-boxed science kits are available for a variety of ages and interests. If you think your student would prefer one exciting project, get a detailed kit like a DIY potato clock; for those who may want to dabble in many fields, look for something that comes with a variety of smaller projects.

6. Telescope

For the kindergarten graduate who is shooting for the stars, get a gift that takes her out of this world! If you’re looking for a larger gift, try a junior telescope. Early on, she may just enjoy gazing outside; eventually, she can try looking for specific constellations.

7. Books

While books may not seem like the most unique gift option, try picking a particularly special title. Books on kindergarten graduation are an option, as are stories about starting the first grade. If you prefer something a little more timeless, try selecting a story that is important to you, such as your favorite book from childhood.

Age-appropriateness and entertainment value are two important factors to keep in mind when giving a present, and a fun educational gift is a logical graduation choice. After all, what celebrates learning more than the gift of knowledge?

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