100 Students banned from graduation because of graphic dead animal prank

Senior pranks are supposed to be a rite of passage, but when a recent high school prank involved trash, urine and dead animals in school hallways, no one was laughing. Not even a little bit.

One hundred seniors at Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee, thought it would be hilarious to fill school hallways with trash, hay, urine and dead animals after hours. Instead of getting the Ferris Bueller pat on the back they were looking for, with the potential to go down in school history, these teens are being accused of gross misconduct and vandalism. All 100 students have been banned from graduation, while the prank is under investigation.

This sounds unbelievable, but once you see the pictures, you will see that it gets much, much worse. There is no way to describe what a school hallway littered with refuse and dead animals looks like until you see it with your own eyes. What was the class of 2015 thinking?

Senior prank

Senior prank

Senior prank

Image: CBS News

This prank is so serious in the eyes of the school district that Deputy James Fisher, caught on camera letting teens into the school to commit the act, has been fired. Fisher was also said to have given a false statement about the prank. Principal Gary Cole has been suspended indefinitely without pay during the investigation.

Students involved claimed the prank was supposed to start out innocent, with the typical glitter, balloons and toilet paper, until more teens showed up at 1 a.m. Kody Hampton told Local 8 News that the senior prank idea initially began with a Facebook group and “took a turn for the worst [sic]” when more students arrived after midnight.

As the second wave of students showed up, Hampton recalls, garbage cans full of trash, ketchup, baby oil and urine were smeared on the walls. Hampton said crickets and chickens were thrown in hallways. Students also created booby traps for teachers by spilling marbles in front of doorways. Students even destroyed classroom property and stole from lockers.

Hampton said, “I walked out of the building, I looked at the camera and said ‘I was not part of this.’ It was awful. This isn’t our school, this isn’t our class, we’re not about that.”

Witnesses claim only 20 students participated in the horrific vandalism, though all 100 are being penalized for the prank. Students who left the school before the worst of the vandalism occurred are outraged their graduation has been taken from them.

In most cases, I firmly support the “kids will be kids” philosophy, but this kind of vandalism wasn’t committed by innocent children. The students involved in the prank went too far and deserve some consequence for their actions. The students who claim innocence may have just learned a valuable life lesson — sometimes you’re punished by the company you keep.

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