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Jane Seymour shares the best advice her mother ever gave her (VIDEO)

When actress Jane Seymour talks about motherhood, she’s got a lot of cred behind her. The mother of six and grandmother of four has a lot of experience when it comes to parenting, and this Mother’s Day, she’s happy to share some thoughts on it all with SheKnows.

Jane Seymour is known for many things — her turn as a Bond girl, her groundbreaking role as a female physician in the Wild West (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) and, of course, for the hot and saucy Mrs. Robinson-esque character she portrayed in Wedding Crashers. But Jane Seymour is more than an award-winning actress. In addition to being a mother and grandmother, she is also a jewelry designer with a Kay Jewelers collection, and in 2005, she launched the Open Hearts Foundation, an organization that empowers people to turn their personal adversity into opportunities to help others. Watch the clip below to learn more about Jane, including the best advice her mother ever gave her as well as what it’s like to be a mother of six.

As for Jane’s best advice that she would give moms? “Be a good listener,” she shared. She stresses that really listening to your child can be incredibly empowering for them and helpful for you as a mother. At the same time, Jane points out that “we all want to do the best for our kids, so sometimes we do too much for them. And it doesn’t really allow them to discover who they are for themselves.”

When it comes to Mother’s Day, Jane is quick to note that it’s not something that should be a once-a-year occasion. “For me, Mother’s Day is every day,” she told SheKnows. “I find it extraordinary that we need one day in which to suddenly go, ‘Oh, Mom!’ To me, I never forget my mother. My mother is the inspiration behind my whole Open Hearts philosophy and collection, and she was pretty extraordinary. I have the privilege of being a mother of six and a grandmother of four. Being a mother is a very big part of my life.”

Speaking of the Open Hearts Foundation, Jane described how it all evolved from a jewelry line with Kay Jewelers to an organization that uplifts people and their stories. “People would stop me everywhere and tell me these amazing stories,” she said. “I realized that these stories are what empowers people the most. With our foundation, rather than reinventing a charity for cancer or heart disease, or whatever it could be, we decided to be an umbrella foundation. We would honor people who have taken their challenges and turned it into an opportunity to help others.”

In that spirit, Jane and her Open Hearts Foundation will be hosting their fifth annual gala this week, honoring a handful of inspirational people, including a 16-year-old who has had many battles with her own heart yet continues to work with other youth struggling with cardiovascular challenges.

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