Why hide-and-seek is the best game ever for moms

May 1, 2015 at 2:56 p.m. ET

I love playing hide-and-seek, especially as a mom. Why? Because it's one of the few games where I can get a break. A sweet, little moment all to myself.

But you have to know how to play this game correctly to truly reap the rewards. Here is how a tired mom plays hide-and-seek.

1. Establish your "counting home base" in close proximity to your secret stash. The contents and location of your secret stash may vary, but mine involves chocolate.

amber dusick

2. Count loudly and slowly. Don't rush this! Savor this time. It's all about you. Meanwhile, listen carefully so you know which room your child goes into so you can avoid that room.

3. Once the count is done, loudly announce the "ready or not, here I come!" thing and then go find... your phone.

amber dusick

4. Play on your phone for a few seconds while you absentmindedly list places where you know your child cannot possibly be. Trash can, cupboards, under the sofa, in the light fixtures, etc. Be creative and silly. This will cause them to giggle, which will help you further pinpoint where they have hidden so you can steer clear of them for 20 more seconds while you check your email.

amber dusick

5. After about 60-90 whole seconds, put down your phone and enter the room where your child is hiding. If they hide anything like mine it will be impossible to ignore them any longer. Especially when they say, "find me!" while making eye contact.

6. Now, it's your turn to hide! Hide well and you might even get another 60-second break!

If you are still tired after a game of hide-and-seek, I also highly recommend playing "doctor" where you are the sick patient who gets to lie down.

Have fun!

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